HOTBAR is a cozy, interactive addition to your cold-weather drink station. Guests will be encouraged to indulge their sweets-craving imaginations with this box of hot chocolate, apple cider, warming spices, toppings + whimsical stirrers.

Guests will personalize their RIM MIX tin, then make their way through the spices to choose their one-of-a-kind spice blend. Next add the hot chocolate or apple cider + finish with the toppings, chocolate + caramel sauce + stir stick. Remember, guests can take their tin home as a gift to use again.

TIP: Depending on the guest count, we have found that the HOTBAR can be used for 3 or more get-togethers. If you need more tins for another use, we have RIM MIX tin refills available.

What's in your FUNBOX:

  • 3 BIG TOPPINGS with scoops
  • 3 LITTLE SPICES with scoops
  • 3 TINY SPICES with scoops
  • Torani Chocolate Sauce
  • Torani Caramel Sauce
  • Hot Chocolate Mix
  • Apple Cider Mix
  • 10 Peppermint Sticks
  • 10 Cinnamon Sticks
  • 12 Personal Spice Tins
  • XTC_8965.jpg
  • XTC_8896.jpg
  • XTC_8954.jpg
  • XTC_8946.jpg


We have included photos of the HOTBAR set up to give you some ideas for adding levels to the toppings + spices, and other touches to make it your own.

These items are not included in your FUNBOX, but if you would like to purchase them to create our look, please use the links below. Happy funboxing!

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